Completion of the movement “Hack Osaka “promoted by Osaka City to make the whole city into one workplace . By doing this, we will build an innovation ecosystem where everyone becomes  colleague, regardless of title, position, organization, age, or any types of borders and create an environment where innovation (necessary metabolism in the markets ) occurs continuously throughout the city.


A mindset that creates innovation: Open (open minded to diversity),

Flat (Non-hierarchal communication for creation),

Friendly (to help others to solve problems),

“OFF”, the head letters from the three words,  expresses the idea of ​​“(getting)  OFF” from any types of borders such as position, title, organization for the sake of overall optimization. This is not only what Osaka people highly respect, but also the spiritual foundation of Japan : “equality” under Nature.


・Providing services that globally network human resources, talents and knowledge, including communities, in the entire city (Founding a co-creation platform) ・Providing a concierge service for innovation-related information ・Providing consultation and prototyping services to foster entrepreneurship and innovation ・Contributing to intergenerational cooperation, utilization of experienced senior human resources


Company: Human Hub Japan Corp.
Address:  Hankyu-Five Annex 2F, Sumida, Kita, Osaka, Japan (530-0017)
Founder & CEO:  Masaaki Yoshikawa Greetings
Ref.: TEAM
Contact: info@human-hub.jp


In an era of rapid change, “people come to work in industries, communities and towns rather than in companies.”  That is what I realized in the IT business where I was engaged in.

With this experience, I started a movement, called Hack Osaka”, during my previous job with  Osaka City Government . It is a movement of  making the whole city into one  workplace, where all people work together beyond all boundaries such as  position, titles, organizations, ages, national borders to achieve overall optimization and to create value for society.

It is a movement to create a city to lead  innovation for all of us.

This is my commitment even after retiring the City Government. Then I have established Human Hub Japan Corp. to help this movement  continue from the private sector.

As the Internet has taught us, by connecting people to  people, people to knowledge, knowledge to knowledge, productivity has expanded dramatically. Human Hub Japan corp. has decided to become a hub, the same as like node in the Internet to accelerate the productivity and creativity in the society.

We are looking forward to working with you to make the better world.


He was appointed by public offering the head of “Osaka Innovation Hub”, Osaka City Government’s networking platform for innovation, and was engaged in the City’s innovation administration in general. Before serving for Osaka City Government, he founded and developped several new businesses as an intrapreneur with also being involved in making alliance with IT startups overseas. He had expreiences of planning and operating cross-organizational projects to benefit stakeholders in the industries. At Osaka City Government, he promoted “Hack Osaka movement”, a campaign to make the whole city into a workplace where all players cooperate together. He is still active in developing the movement to lead co-creation by working together beyond titles, organization, and nationality.

Adviser to Hankyu Hanshin Properties Corp., (2018~),
Deputy Director General, The Kansai Innovation Initiative, A national project by the Ministry of Economic Trade and Industry (METI) (2020~), 
Former Director General for Innovation, Osaka City Government ,
Chosen one of Forbes (Japan) 88 local innovators (2017).


川面 創 (Hajime Kawatsura)

副代表 (VICE PRESIDENT) 銀行を退職後、立命館大学で産学連携業務、大学院向け産学連携教育、イノベーション教育に従事。文科省、経産省などのプロジェクトコーディネートも行う。また、地方創生関連プロジェクト、中小・中堅企業の新規事業プロデュース、人材育成、人材獲得戦略にも携わる。 一般社団法人イノベーション・アイム 専務理事として、沖縄、石垣市でイノベーション&スポーツによる地域活性化活動にも参画している。

Xin Suzuki

CCO(Chief Community Organizer) CIO(Chief Information Officer) 司会もできるエンジニア。修士(都市政策)。システムエンジニアとしてメーカーや鉄道会社向けシステム開発の全工程(設計・製造・評価・運用)に従事した後、海外・国内大手小売ECのフロントエンドやバックエンド開発等を経験。現職では中小企業やスタートアッパーの技術支援、先端技術活用支援(XR (AR/VR/MR) /AI/GAS/Robotics)、オープンイノベーションの推進に取り組む。関西を拠点に複数のエンジニアコミュニティやスタートアップコミュニティでも精力的にイノベーションの発信を行い、2019年に主催したイベントは600本を超える。創設コミュニティの1つである「大阪駆動開発」は、2018年に日本マイクロソフト株式会社より「コミュニティに対する貢献賞」を受賞。

大野秀雄(Hideo Ohno)

SCO(Senior Community Adviser)(開発・製造・MOT・工場建設 担当) 大手機械系製造会社で、一貫して開発・製造・事業開発に携わり、常に品質、原価・採算、納期、コンプライアンス、リスクを考えながら、実務型の責任者として職務を遂行。米国のベンチャー企業との提携による、ワークステーション製造と、独自仕様を加えた国内事業展開の経験も持つ。工場建設3回、モノづくりを基本としたMOT(Management of Technology)、キャッシュフロー重視の企業経営を実践した。分野:電装機器、計測、制御、ERP/RPA導入、現場改善・QC教育、事業計画作成、原価・生産管理、工場建設。


藤田ウステュネルギュネシ (Gunes Ustuner Fujita)

(株式会社Humony 代表取締役社長) グローバル人材コーディネータ アンカラ大学(トルコ)出身。お茶の水女子大学に留学後、国費留学生として大阪大学大学院にて修士号を取得。修了後は日本の広告制作会社や経済団体で4年間勤務し、(株)Humonyを設立。国内企業向け外国人人材紹介、海外進出相談、在日外国人向け起業および生活支援相談までワンストップで問題解決を提供する。(日本語、英語、トルコ語)