Q.I want to add an event to the event calendar.

A. First, please submit an “Institutional Registration” application in order to be added to the event calendar. After Human Hub Japan determines the suitability of your event, we will contact you with the “Event Registration” form, through which you can apply for event registration.

Q. If I am registered as an institution, will I appear on the Human Hub Japan page?

A.Yes, we will post the information on the “PLAYERS” page.

Q. Is there any other way to register an event other than manually entering the information from the “Event Registration” form?

A.There are three ways to automatically register a large number of events: ① publish the event in RSS format, ② register with Google Calendar (can be set to private) ③ register events on the event platforms*.
*Currently supported event platforms: connpass (via API), doorKeeper (via API), Peatix (via created group) For more information, please refer to the Event Calendar-Data Manual.

Q.How are the event data categorized?

A.By including the keywords such as “Pitch,” “Seminar,” “Workshop,” or “Application Deadline” in the title of your content, it will be automatically categorized in the calendar tabs. Otherwise, they will be assigned “OTHERS”)

【Example 1】 “Hack Osaka 2020, one of the largest pitch events in Japan” → Assigned to “PITCH” since the title contains “pitch”.
【Example 2】 “International Innovation Seminar Hack Osaka 2020” → Assigned to “SEMINER” since the title contains “seminar”.
【Example3】 「Hack Osaka 2020 Pre-event Workshop」 → Since the title contains “workshop,” it will be assigned to WORKSHOP.
【Example 4】 “Application Deadline: May 10th! International Innovation Conference Hack Osaka 2020” (Date and time column:April 28 – May 10, 2011) → Assigned to “ENTRY” since the title contains “Application Deadline” and the period is registered in the Date/Time field.
【Example 5】 “Call for Spectators! International Innovation Conference Hack Osaka 2020” → Assigned to “OTHERS” since there is no trigger word in the title.
Please use the “Contact Us” form to ask any other questions.

Q.What types of organizations can register as partners?

A.As a general rule, we register institutions that meet the following requirements: organizations that support venture businesses, entrepreneurs, and communities. For example, government, various governmental support organizations, private institutions that organize and conduct their own support events, coworking spaces, etc.(Including university-affiliated, financial institution- and corporate-affiliated support centers)