In an era of rapid change, “people come to work in industries, communities and towns rather than in companies.”  That is what I realized in the IT business where I was engaged in.

With this experience, I started a movement, called Hack Osaka”, during my previous job with  Osaka City Government . It is a movement of  making the whole city into one  workplace, where all people work together beyond all boundaries such as  position, titles, organizations, ages, national borders to achieve overall optimization and to create value for society.

It is a movement to create a city to lead  innovation for all of us.

This is my commitment even after retiring the City Government. Then I have established Human Hub Japan Corp. to help this movement  continue from the private sector.

As the Internet has taught us, by connecting people to  people, people to knowledge, knowledge to knowledge, productivity has expanded dramatically. Human Hub Japan corp. has decided to become a hub, the same as like node in the Internet to accelerate the productivity and creativity in the society.

We are looking forward to working with you to make the better world.


He was appointed by public offering the head of “Osaka Innovation Hub”, Osaka City Government’s networking platform for innovation, and was engaged in the City’s innovation administration in general. Before serving for Osaka City Government, he founded and developped several new businesses as an intrapreneur with also being involved in making alliance with IT startups overseas. He had expreiences of planning and operating cross-organizational projects to benefit stakeholders in the industries. At Osaka City Government, he promoted “Hack Osaka movement”, a campaign to make the whole city into a workplace where all players cooperate together. He is still active in developing the movement to lead co-creation by working together beyond titles, organization, and nationality.

Adviser to Hankyu Hanshin Properties Corp., (2018~),
Deputy Director General, The Kansai Innovation Initiative, A national project by the Ministry of Economic Trade and Industry (METI) (2020~), 
Former Director General for Innovation, Osaka City Government ,
Chosen one of Forbes (Japan) 88 local innovators (2017).