■Mar.31.2021 ”Forbes JAPAN”
”The Potential of Osaka’s Startup Ecosystem to Create a Continuous Stream of Innovative Companies for the World Exposition.”

■Jan. 2021 “from NOW ON KANSAI” VOL.01 published by the Union of Kansai Governments

“Aiming for total optimization with the participation of everyone”
– Kansai’s innovation begins with a cross-border “meddlesome” movement (Hack Osaka).

■Dec. 20, 2018 Nikkei Newspaper

Asked to comment on the Osaka Expo.
「…Innovation is born when people connect with each other. This Expo will explore solutions to social issues around the world with people from all over the world. I believe that creating a network infrastructure that connects entrepreneurs, large corporations, and the world will be a legacy.」

■April. 5, 2018 Logmi

Panel: Opening event for the new “billage OSAKA” in Hommachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka City

■Dec. 18, 2017 Nikkei Newspaper

”Entrepreneurial handyman store running in a commercial city – Osaka’s famous incubator”