The Social Innovation School was held in Osaka! The lecture was given by Daisuke Sasaki, founder of the accounting software freee!

12 June was a lecture by Daisuke Sasaki, founder of accounting software freee, at the Social Innovation School Osaka! Four teams, selected from 16 teams from all schools, presented to Representative Sasaki on the theme “Explore new developments for Freee”. 3 teams presented on the 2025 problem of solving the lack of successors for small and medium-sized enterprises. The presentation that reached Representative Sasaki the most was financial education for children at the Hiroshima School. During the lecture, the students were very inspired by hearing about how Representative Sasaki started his business and his real-life experiences of scaling up so far after starting his business! After the lecture, a reception was held with Representative Sasaki and President Yonekura! It was a very lively event!

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