Completion of the movement “Hack Osaka “promoted by Osaka City to make the whole city into one workplace . By doing this, we will build an innovation ecosystem where everyone becomes  colleague, regardless of title, position, organization, age, or any types of borders and create an environment where innovation (necessary metabolism in the markets ) occurs continuously throughout the city.


A mindset that creates innovation: Open (open minded to diversity),
Flat (Non-hierarchal communication for creation),Friendly (to help others to solve problems),“OFF”, the head letters from the three words,  expresses the idea of ​​“(getting)  OFF” from any types of borders such as position, title, organization for the sake of overall optimization. This is not only what Osaka people highly respect, but also the spiritual foundation of Japan : “equality” under Nature.


・Providing services that globally network human resources, talents and knowledge, including communities, in the entire city (Founding a co-creation platform) ・Providing a concierge service for innovation-related information ・Providing consultation and prototyping services to foster entrepreneurship and innovation ・Contributing to intergenerational cooperation, utilization of experienced senior human resources


Company: Human Hub Japan Corp.
Address:  Hankyu-Five Annex 2F, Sumida, Kita, Osaka, Japan (530-0017)
Founder & CEO:  Masaaki Yoshikawa Greetings
Ref.: TEAM
Contact: info@human-hub.jp