Hello 2020 with looking back progress in 2019

Happy New Year!

This year also I will continue to help build the “Life Design Innovation” industry in the Kansai! “Life Design Innovation” is a concept for the development  of the “Umekita” district. The contents are to be clarified from now on, but under the major themes of “Medical & Health care”, “Environment”, “Energy”, the master strategy of Osaka, I think big companies, startups, industry, academia and government will co-create across all borders. Indeed, I think that the whole city will be a “workplace” , that is what  “HackOsaka”, my mission, aims at.And I hope that a fun and heart-enriching Japanese-style “smart living” should be at the core.I want to send from Osaka the Japanese lifestyle “smart living”  to the world and make Osaka a hub in Kansai that is visited by many people from all over the world.

Thank you again this year.

■ Looking back 2019 Topics (The Photo from the upper left to the right): 

(1) A moment of ”Joy” when I met Brad Feld (Co-Founder of TechStars) in Tokyo,  

(2) HackOsaka campaign (ongoing): This year, February 27, 2020.

(3) “Osaka Tech-Planter” (organized by Leave a Nest) began visualization of “Deep Tech” in the Kansai area.

 (4) The T-CEP (organized by Umekita Council) program, strengthening “Deep Tech” industry-academia collaboration.

 (5) Osaka with landmark events such as Umekita, HackOsaka, Get_In_the_Ring, and Osaka Branding Camp (OBC)  for Expo2025 

(6) Osaka Startup Consortium is launched: The first activity between a prefecture and a city in Japan.

(7) Startup Boot Camp (HQs: UK)’s Startup Boot Camp_Scale in Osaka, building the network in 19 cities around the world.

(8) OBC started to improve Osaka’s weakness in branding and design.

 (9) Kansai Future Summit (organized by the volunteers of startup founders ) attracted about 300 entrepreneurs.

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