Kyoto Chienomori and Kyoto Startup Ecosystem Promotion Council: RSS feeds to Human Hub Calendar!!

“The website of the Kyoto Startup Ecosystem Promotion Council, run by the Kyoto Chienomori  or Kyoto Wisdom Industry Creation Forest (President: Yoshimasa Tsukamoto), has been linked to the Human Hub calendar via RSS.

This year’s event, which was automatically posted via RSS, is a series of four seminars that will help you learn about entrepreneurship in a systematic way. (Date & Time: Friday, May 21, 16:30- @ Kyoto Keizai Center 3F KOIN)

Human Hub Japan Event Calendar is a tool to visualize startup-related activities and events of local governments, various organizations, and communities. Currently, events at Osaka Innovation Hub, Kyoto Research Park, Kansai University (Umeda Campus), coworking spaces, etc. are automatically linked. (Reference:
How to link with the calendar)


Kyoto Wisdom Industry Creation Forest: The Kyoto Wisdom Industry Creation Forest is the association established by Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto City, the Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and other organizations with the aim of “creating new value through the exchange and fusion of wisdom, strategically promoting industrial policies, and contributing to the development and revitalization of the Kyoto economy. The main fields of activity are the development of industrial human resources such as entrepreneurs, industry-academia-government cooperation, and the promotion of a smart society.

RSS is a data format for distributing updated information on websites,
and is an XML-based markup language that can be used to describe the title,URL,update date and time,and summary of updated articles.

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