Call for applications for the ‘Research and Development Start-up Support Project/Study for Overseas Expansion ‘ (advance notice)  (from NEDO).

“NEDO has been implementing an R&D start-up support program with the aim of strengthening and developing the start-up ecosystem established by venture capitalists, large companies and incubators in Japan, but in order to further develop the start-up ecosystem in Japan, NEDO will continue to consider to implement support measures. 
Particularly in Japan, where the domestic market is shrinking due to the declining birthrate and aging society, it is important to consider measures to support the overseas expansion of start-ups and attract foreign capital, with considering the creation of new industries and economic expansion starting with start-ups. This research project will identify the current situation and analyze issues related to the overseas expansion of start-ups, etc., and develop a model scheme that will contribute to solving these issues.”

■Expected start date for applications: late April 2022.
■Target group: enterprises (including associations)
■Project category: surveys, etc.
                             (From NEDO)

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