【Recruiting】Second call for applications in 2022 for the ‘Research and development start-up support project / commercialisation support for research and development start-ups in the seed phase’.(advance notice)(From NEDO)

“NEDO is inviting applications for seed-stage research and development start-ups (“STS”). 

Requirements for eligible STS applicants will include a business concept that utilizes specific technological seeds and having obtained a letter of intent to invest and a support plan (limited to those relating to investments made on or after the date six months prior to the application deadline) from the  NEDO-approved VC for an amount of at least 1/3 of the grant eligible costs (1/2 the grant application amount).

■Public application period: early June – planned for early July.
■Open to: smaller companies, start-ups.
■Supported by: research and development, funding.
■Field: general research and development.

(From NEDO)


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