"The Declaration of Startup Friendly Kansai" by One of major Associations of Corporate Executives in Kansai

Kansai Association of Corporate Executives or Kansai Keizai Doyukai,  (Representative Directors: Kuroda (Chairman of Kokuyo Co.Ltd.) , Ikeda (Vice Chairman of Resona Bank)) announced the ” The Declaration of Startup Friendly Kansai ” on August 6, 2018, and committed to promote Open Innovation with startups. In 2017, Kageyama (then: Vice Chairman of Mitsui Sumitomo Bank Corporation) and Suzuki (Chairman of Maruichi Steel Tube Ltd.) started meetups, “Kansai Bridge Forum” (at Osaka Innovation Hub) with startups (photo). After that, in April 2018, the Kansai Keizai Doyukai organized the Kansai Venture Ecosystem Committee ( Chair: Fukano, Managing Director of Itochu Shoji, ). The organizational promise is a powerful momentum for the Kansai ecosystem. It is also a major step forward for “intergenerational collaboration,” which is one of HHJ’s missions. << Declaration >> Under the Kansai Startup Backing Initiative, we aim to make the Kansai region a highly innovative area full of creativity and fully open to the world. To this end, now that a startup ecosystem is emerging in the Kansai region, we hereby announce that all supporting companies are quite positive in: inheriting a dynamic corporate culture typified by a unique way of thinking as well as a “Just try it” culture, both of which we have long fostered; and staying close beside next-generation entrepreneurs striving hard to launch new businesses, thereby providing them with necessary support. 関西経済同友会HP

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