2021 New Year Greetings: Polishing the Hack Osaka Spirit (O.F.F Spirit) for the Expo

The New year's greeting

2021 Human Hub Prayer: May the good “wind” blow through Japan and the world. And I hope that the refreshing spirit will bring purification and abundant fruit to this land.

The wind is used as a symbol of change, such as “reading wind” and “change of the direction of wind.” It carries pollen and yeast, gives birth to plant life, and contributes to food fermentation. A good idea is also “Inspired”  like wind breathing from heaven.

A hub is a place where various good things are carried and reacted with “well-ventilation”. Therefore, the spirit of HackOsaka, that is Open (freedom), Flat (democratic), Friendly (OSSEKAI in Japanese, or spontaneous kindness to others the Osaka people often shows) is important.  As its  acronym-O.F.F (to leave) suggests,  we are required to show  our spontaneous kindness for the total optimization of the City by working beyond your position, title, organization, and nationality, etc..

As The Human Hub Japan thinks that Osaka and its neighboring area, the Kansai  has the DNA of the OFF spirit, it is the best potential as HUBs. We want to further contribute to improve the OFF spirit in the Kansai toward EXPO 2025.

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