“Hack Osaka” in “NOW ON KANSAI”, the bulletin of the Kansai Union!!

The “Hack Osaka” movement promoted by the City of Osaka and supported by Human Hub Japan was featured in an article in “NOW ON KANSAI,” the bulletin of the Union of Kansai Governments.

The article, subtitled “Innovation in Kansai starts with a ”voluntary action to lead better for all (HackOsaka) that goes beyond countless boundaries”, describes the importance of collaboration aimed at total optimization that transcends existing frameworks and organizations in this era of rapid change.

To do this, it is important, as the article says,  to have an “OFF” spirit, an acronym that stands for Open minded , non-hierarchical or Flat decision making relationship in organization, and willing to help others for their happiness – FRIENDLY.

People are inevitably afraid of change, but we should aim for total optimization with a spirit of “OFF” leaving from our current position and easiness to go with  in order to achieve a fully optimized society that is believed to be returning to our own benefit.

The origin of the “Hack Osaka Movement” is spiritual inheritance of ” Give before you get” proclaimed by Yodoya, a billionaire 400 years ago, a great contributor to Osaka making City into a biggest mercantile market in Japan; It has formed part of the DNA of the Osaka people.

Why don’t we all turn on the DNA of the Osaka people?


                                                 Image courtesy of the Union of Kansai Governments

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