Kyoto Chie-no-Mori (Kyoto Wisdom Industry Creation Forest), Kyoto Startup Ecosystem Promotion Council」: RSS link with Human Hub Calendar!!

The first thing we did at Human Hub Japan was to visualize the events of the entire city.  And with the consent of OIH, KRP, Kansai University, and others, a “robot” crawled the “calendar” from the first screen of the web page and started displaying the data.
And now, with Kyoto Chie-no-Mori, we have had  the first public institution to automate the linking of calendars via RSS. (MJE was one of the first private organizations to do so, and it only takes half a day to do it.)

It is significant that we were able to demonstrate that RSS is an API for visualizing events in a public institution. There are still few public institutions that use this API. There are also few public institutions that allow robot crawling.

“We often hear the phrase, “Information dissemination is important. If this is the case, I sincerely hope that events can be transmitted via RSS in a format common and easy to handle to all institutions.

Please refer to the following for information on the common format and calendar connection for all organizations. Please note that all the data received is open to the public as open data and can be reused for commercial purposes. (Creative Commons “CC-BY”)

                                                                Image courtesy of (Kyoto Startup Ecosystem)

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